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Just as the legendary Phoenix is burned before being reborn, your interior finishes have a life cycle. When you are ready for a change, we are there to help you breathe new life into your living space!

  • Flexible Scheduling

    We work with you to determine the best possible time and date to start your project.

  • Free Colour Consultations

    We will give you free recommendations based on our expertise for the best possible colour in your space.

  • Eco Friendly and Clean

    We only use the most environmentally friendly paints and stains and safely dispose of waste for you.

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Phoenix Finishing Touch Painting stands out in this trade with attention to detail and a commitment to quality finishes.

We approach our work more as a craft than a trade. Just like a great finish is built over time with proper preparation and primers, so is our relationship with our clients, many of them using our services on multiple projects over many years!

We can do quick repaints for homeowners or resale, but have found a niche in large renovation projects, refreshing new and old trim work for a modern aesthetic.